The Saree or Sari: the ancient garment of India more than 5000 years old

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What is a saree?

It is a word of Hindu origin that means band or cloth girdle and is a type of fabric made with light materials such as silk and cotton, which is wrapped throughout the body , starting from the waist up and complemented by a skirt that covers both legs and feet , called parkar or ul-pavadai

Usually under the saris they are usually accompanied by a tight short-sleeved shirt or a blouse that is known as choli

Currently, the sari is considered as a symbolic garment throughout India and the surrounding areas of this country, which are: Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan

What is the history of the Hindu saree?

Its origins date back to the times of the Indus Valley culture , a civilization that existed from 3300 BC to 1300 BC in the territories of Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwestern India.

One of the curiosities that explains why part of the abdomen is exposed and not other parts of the body is to show the shapes of the navel . The purpose of this small part uncovered is to enhance the sensuality that a woman radiates

There are others who say that the sari was based on the roots of the dhoti (the typical Hindu garment of men)

The use of cholis became widespread because in ancient times, it was very common for women to wear a sari without anything underneath, leaving their breasts and other intimate areas of their body outdoors.

This was considered a lack of respect and moral principles . That was when it was decided to use this little shirt to act as a cover.

What does the Indian saree represent in society according to what color it is?

The shades of fabric that we find in this Hindu dress is very diverse, but only from here will we talk about the most significant colors and their meaning. They are as follows:

Red indian sarees

It is the preferred tonality for women to stage their engagement with the groom during their wedding celebration . So far, the use of this color in society may sound obvious and logical, but the red range of Indian saree goes much further …

It also symbolizes expressivities such as affection , passion , energy , sensuality , lust , prosperity , vitality , strength , happiness , health , courage or momentum.

It is not only used in celebrities such as the union between man and woman, but also on holidays in general or on February 14 , known as “Valentine’s Day” or ” Valentine’s Day”

White indian sarees

This sari pigment is used in Hindu society in areas such as rituals and sacred ceremonies, or as an interpretive gesture to denote the “widowed status” within society.

In Hindu culture, the white sari symbolizes the dreamy part of life and denotes expressivities such as peace , nobility , humility , goodness , purity or naivety.

You just have to see how in many western countries the wedding dress and the terminologies used above, many of them we associate with the color white, right?

Black indian sarees

The black range of sari can be related by its negative side or its positive side , that is, apparently we can interpret that this garment is used, for example, to mourn someone in rites, but it can also stage positive ties

Like anything in life, we can interpret the good or bad side of things, because with black sari clothes something similar happens

Referring to the negative links of this tonality, a saree with black pigment symbolizes expressivities such as the dark , the evil , fear , suffering , sadness , infidelity , cruelty , manipulation , loneliness or pain

On the other hand, if we stick to negative links, a black Hindu saree can portray seriousness , elegance , class , independence , security , formality or strength.

In India this color is hardly worn since it is associated with all those bad and negative things that happen in the lives of all people, such as the death of a close person, an argument with a loved one, an ordinary domestic accident. , etc

Pink indian sarees

A pink saree expresses sweetness , tenderness , kindness , romanticism , kitsch , simplicity , pleasantness , optimism or joy and even with a more negative than positive bond, such as innocence or naivety.

In Hindu society it is common to wear this range of sari in everyday life situations, such as family gatherings or dinners . This tonality is associated with expressions such as union , commitment or loyalty

And of course, this color also portrays the femininity of women in India. Even this sari look is usually present in western festivals as well known as carnivals.

Yellow indian sarees

It is rarely easy to find this striking shade in the fabric of the sari in Hindu territory. Despite this, the texture of this color is not directly related to negative emotions or states, only that this pigment denotes something, it is the masculinity of the man.

Over the course of several centuries, yellow has varied in terms of its meaning, but being direct, it denotes expressions such as happiness , energy , vitality , the present or the smiling

An example of this last term that we use is the tonality of clown costumes, an outfit widely used at children’s parties

Since this color extols the manhood of man, in certain territories of the Indian continent and its surrounding areas, it is normal to see women wear this look of a sari

Her mission is to enhance the status that women have in society and, more specifically, pride , which goes to the next level, since she gave life to the fruit of her love thanks to the help of men.

Blue indian sarees

This tone of sari is used by those people who pay the most homage to religion , although it is clear that if there is something that India stands out for, it is because it is a very believing place in the faith.

The concept that blue has can strengthen both positive and negative links. The darker it is, the more associated with uncertainty, lack of control and doubt; when clearer, more associated with tolerance, the shyness and naivety

Variations of this tonality in the saree is something common among people. Who wears the lightest colors, do you want to express states such as serenity , calm , tranquility , understanding or protection

However, those who wear colors more tending towards the dark, want to exalt freedom , loyalty , fidelity , seriousness and truth

In fact, the God Krishna (one of the most important deities of the Hindu religion), has the skin of this color. With this, seriousness and care are extolled . But in certain areas of the continent there is a fact that you should know:

Many people in India associate this color with all the counterproductive things they suffer in their lives and, in general, with the most precarious people in society . That is why many indigenous groups usually wear this blue hue in the dress of their sari

Green indian sarees

Surely it does not surprise you that in many countries, as it could be yours from where you are reading us, many people live who emigrate from other countries with Muslim or Catholic beliefs

Many of these individuals, even living outside their native territory, have unconditional faith for their beliefs and seek to praise it, wherever they are.

It is common to see Muslims, believers of Islam, wear a sari in green. For them, green is a sacred color, since it is closely associated with their prophet Muhammad . With this color concepts such as strength , luck and nature exalt

And what links does this pigment have in society? It alludes to calm , life , growth , wealth , hope , optimism , good luck or vegetation , present since prehistoric times.

What models of saree dresses do we have for sale in today’s market?

Various brands such as Trendofindia , Indianbeautifulart , Style Instant or TNG sell various ranges of saree dresses that you should know about. We will talk to you about the most heterogeneous, diverse and demanded range of the current online scene. Don’t move!

Each model of sari dress is dyed in shades known as white , orange , pink , yellow , brown , magenta , black , red , sky blue , green or beige and others in slightly more shades. unknown as royal blue, berry, sea green, wine color, mustard color, gold, turquoise blue or cream color

Not only do the shades vary in each range of sari dress, the design of their prints also varies. There are models of Hindu saris that stand out for their simplicity and minimalism : A simple silk fabric dyed in a uniform tone like navy blue, with light white embroidery at the ends of the fabric

Other ranges of Hindu saris not only come made in uniform colors, they can also come in double or triple shades , such as a triple pigment Hindu saree model such as dark blue, cream and orange or a double Hindu saree range. peach and dark brown pigment It will be for variety, buuuuuuaaah!

Regarding the different designs and styles of print present in the different ranges of saris outfits, we find the following: light florals , where the color predominates over the prints, and abundant flowers dyed throughout the entire fabric, where both the color and the pattern will have the same level of importance. Neither will stand out above the other, so you understand us

There is a range of sari attire with a known design that form an indefinite series of squares , present in a double tonality and in rhomboid designs , a type of design widely used in Hindu territory and that looks very beautiful.

Other models of sari garments are manufactured with rustic green, blue or orange prints , in an artistic silk typical of Banarasi , a polyester used in high ranges of saree

What else can we find in terms of kinds of prints? A very well known sari garment model diverse warm toned colors from Jaannvi Fashion . Throughout its fabric, its disparity between semicircles and horizontal lines stands out . A different style that is very beautiful. These horizontal lines can be tinted pink, purple or black

And the duality of black and gray , do you like it? This sari attire is different in that it has small circle decorations in the navel, chest and back area, and loose, sagging pants on the legs , instead of the classic petticoat.

A sari trousseau worthy of being carried by the most daring and less conventional women of society, is the garment that Peegli Saree sells us : The duality of colors present in the fabric are green and orange . OMG!

This model has borders of leaf species and diamonds in orange. As for its extremities, there are oblique , vertical and horizontal striped ornaments in a greenish hue

Famous women in typical Indian attire

See how Priyanka Chopra looks like , in her recent wedding with Nick Jonas , with the sari from India. Doesn’t she look beautiful? The more we see them, the more it enters our eyes 😍

How many meters of fabric are used in a saree?

Before proceeding to dress in a sari, you have to know that a sari consists of two parts : a fabric that goes over one of our shoulders, whether left or right, and another that goes around our waist, wrapping the entire body until it covers your breasts.

Without exaggeration we could tell you that there are hundreds of different ways to wear this Hindu dress. However, an easy way to find the difference between one and the other is according to the exact location where it is being carried.

In places like Nellore, Tirupati, Anantapur or Visakhapatnam , located in eastern India, they usually wear 7.5m long saris

Further southeast, in areas such as Coimbatore or Madurai , they wear slightly longer saris, about 8m in length.

If we go to the southwest, we find women wearing 5m saris in areas such as Calcutta, Cochin or Thiruvananthapuram

If we decide to go to areas like Margao, Vasco da Gama or Ratnagiri , east of the places mentioned above, they also wear 8m saris

However, if we go to the other extreme that almost borders Bangladesh, in areas of Orissa such as Bhadrak or its capital Bhubaneshwar , women wear saris that are only 4.5m long.

What are the prices of Indian sarees?

Depending on whether they are new or second-hand Indian sarees, the quality of the materials and the place where it is exported, it will help us to know what is the cost of that specific range of Indian saree. Taking this into account, the prices of Hindu sarees are generally between € 10 and € 50

There is some original saree model coming directly from India, whose value rises up to € 100-120 . Some of those most prestigious Hindu brands in saree clothing sales, you will not find them available to get anywhere other than HERE

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